Ayurveda, the wisdom of the sages, the treasure of the ages, finds new meaning and relevance as modernity constantly threatens to crumble the glories of the past. Advocating a way of life that is in complete harmony with nature’s ways. Seeking to maintain the perfect balance of body, mind and soul. Approaching each ailment, and each person individually and independently. Reaching deep within. Healing the very being.

The three basic biological pillars of Ayurveda are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These biological elements originated from the Panchamahabhutas and are commonly called “Triguna” in health and “Tridosha” in diseased states of the body. Arbitrarily they are referred to as Tridosha”. Vata element is produced by combination of “Akasha” and “Vayu” and in the human body it represents “Control”, its propulsive effects affect all parts of the body and is brought about through the agency of neuro-musculo-hormonal mechanisms. Smooth co-ordinated movements, functioning of central, autonomic and peripheral nervous systems are identified with functions of vata. An abnormal vata can lead to neuro-muscular disorders and hormonal problems. Pitta element is produced from Teja and Jala and constitutes the transfer and flow of energy within the body. Pitta element controlled by vata brings about the breakdown of food during digestion and food elements within the body to provide the bio-energy. Various catabolic enzymes and hormone systems form part of this element. Abnormal pitta can lead to thermal disorders, breakdowns and catabolic disorders. Kapha element is produced from Prithvi and Jala mahabhutas and constitutes the formation of solid and fluid constituents of various body elements such as cells, tissues, muscles etc., controlled by vata it induces growth, development and healing of wounds. Kapha element also maintains fluid balance of the body, within it’s various organs and organ spaces. Abnormal kapha may lead to accumulative disorders leading to clot formation, stone and tumour formation etc. Increased kapha encourages and sustains infective processes. Vata, Pitta and Kapha within the body are nourished by the food ingredients and they react to changes in environment and mental states. The Vata, Pitta, and Kapha bring about the formation of the 7 dhatus and their tissues in the body, namely: Rasa (body fluids), Rakta (blood elements), Mamsa (Muscles, tendons etc.) Meda (adipose tissues), Majja (nerves), Asthi (bones), Shukra (sperm, ova, regenerative tissues). When they are vitiated and unbalanced, disease and ageing process predominate.


  1. Rejuvenation Package:- This package boosts up the circulatory system and gives nourishment to the body.
  2. Spine Care Packages:- A complete therapeutic program designed for the neck, back and posture related problems.
  3. Body Purification Package:- The Treatment meant to purify one’s body by removing the toxins from cellular level.
  4. Weight Reduction Package:- A special ayurvedic treatment helps to reduce the cellulite in the body.
  5. Beauty Care Package:- The signature ayurvedic facial- mukhalepa with mukha abhyangam will bring a glow to your face.
  6. Stress Relief Package:- A Unique combination of relaxing and therapeutic effects of ayurveda.

Package Details


This is a course of treatment covering massage of the body with hand and foot (where necessary) by specially trained masseurs for 45 minutes to 90 minutes per day extending to a period of 28 days depending on the need and physical condition of the individual. The body massage is done with herbal oils and paste, special kizhi and includes head massage Shirovasthi, Tharpanam, Virechanam, Dhoomapanam, Sirodhara, Sarvangadhara, Avagaham (either with oil, medicated water, or milk) whichever is considered suitable and necessary for the particular individual, steam bath and intake of specially made food and medicines. The benefits of this programme, include restoration and repairs of the worn out tissues, improvement in blood circulation, stimulation of the nerves resulting in removal of toxins from the body system, mental tension, stress and strain from the muscles. This therapy nourishes and cleanses the body tissues to make the complexion glowing and youthful, smoothens the wrinkles and enhances the beauty and helps to prevent premature ageing. Treatments to be given will be those considered suitable for the individual after physical examination by our physician.


Degenerative diseases of joints are characterized by pain, stiffness and swelling. Ayurveidc medicines, regular intake to ghee preparations, oil massages etc play a vital role to improve flexibility, increase strength of the muscles surrounding the joints and ensure over all well being. These treatments have no side effects even when followed on long term basis.

Sedentary habits and unnatural pressure on the body make it prone to nervous breakdown, insomnia, headaches and nervous disorders. With different oil massages and heat applications the skin becomes more active, the various pores on the body open up and more perspiration takes place. The body is cooled down by perspiration. All the four great channels of elimination such as Skin, Kidney, Lungs and Bowels work more efficiently and cleanses the body from inside through better circulation and more pull by the contracting muscles the bones become firmer, joints stronger and flexible. Stronger bones and flexible joints help in the smooth functioning of the system.

The prime treatment in ayurveda for reducing the ageing process and arresting the degeneration of the body cells and immunization of the whole system consists besides continuous intake of internal medicines body massages, Snehapanam, Virechanam, Nasyam, Snehavasti, Dhara, Pizhicil, Njavarakizhi, Tharpanam, Shirovasti, Karnapooranam and medicated Steam bath. These treatments are considered highly effective if availed of before the age of sixty for either sex.


This treatment is called, SHODHANA CHIKILSA, is meant for the purification of the whole body to attain proper balance of Vatha, Pitha and Kabha based on Ayurvedic principles. The packages usually cover the following and it helps in providing relief to those affected by arthritis, paralysis, hemiplegia, numbness gastric complaints and more particularly to those affected by constant constipation.


This programme consists of effective body massages with specially made herbal Oils, Powders and Kizhi. Additionally, in case where considered necessary virechanam Ksheera dhooma, herbal drinks and medicines will also be given besides steam bath and special diet. This therapy stimulates internal organs and blood circulation, resists exhaustion and exertions, and provides lightness of body and refinement of the body systems.


The secret of youth and beauty is the proper circulation of vital life fluids and the regular discharge of waste materials. Very few people are blessed with natural skin. Exposure to dirt, pollution, toxins, sunshine with a diminishing ozone layer, stress etc is hazardous. To achieve the natural look, a regular skin care programme is no longer a luxury, but an essential anxiety-reliever and beauty therapy to combat the ravages of modern living. Cleansing, nourishing and protecting are the key factors in Ayurvedic Skin care. Ayurvedic cosmetics including herbs, flowers, essential oils and naturally occurring minerals work to bring balance to the totality of the individual body, mind and spirit. Cleansing massages are done using herbal cleansing powder or paste which improve circulation, soothe, heal and bring a glow to the complexion.


According to Ayurveda, head to the body is like the root to the tree. Whatever we do in this region, the effect of it would reach the whole body system. Application of oil on the head has a special effect on the nervous system which controls sensory and motor functions, removes wrinkles, promotes healthy growth of hair, tones up the nerves, improves ones memory power and concentration, increases stamina and retains normal functions of sensory organs. This specialized therapy involves a suitable combination of the following treatments depending on the individuals PRAKRITI (body constitution) as prescribed by our doctor after physical examination.

Details of Therapy

SIRO ABHYANGAM, application of blended medicated oils on head repeatedly for 1 to 7 days or more depending on the body constitution of the individual in combination with special Mukha Lepam applied on the face which works wonders to relieve tension, relaxes the mind, promotes the growth of lustrous hair and gives a golden hue to ones complexion.

SIRO DHARA or THAKRA DHARA, popular ayurvedic therapies designed for problems related to the nervous system, insomnia, headaches and mental stress, done by pouring of either specially blended medicated oils, medicated butter milk or other decoctions over the forehead in a continuous to and fro motion for approximately one hour each day for 1 to 7 days or more depending on the needs determined by the Doctor.

PIZHICHIL, an effective treatment to improve one’s immune system, add vigour and vitality, heals rheumatic disorders, joint pains and other muscular/skeletal disorders besides relieving tension, arthritis sexual weaknesses etc by squeezing warm, specially blended medicated oil over the whole body in a continuous manner with simultaneous soft massages for 1 to 7 days as decided by attending physician.

SIRO VASTHI, done by pouring certain lukewarm herbal oils into a cap put on the head for 15 to 60 minutes per day according to individual’s condition for 7 to 14 days. This is highly effective for dryness of nostrils, mouth and throat, facial paralysis, severe head aches and other vatha based diseases.

ELA KIZHI, made of herbal leaves and powders fried in medicated oils and packed in muslin cloth which are warmed and used for massage of the whole body for 45 to 60 minutes continuously for 1 to 14 days depending on the physical condition of the individual HERBAL FACIAL, a herbal face pack with specially made herbal powder and fresh cream that helps preventing and avoiding wrinkles and improving the skin tone.

MATHRA VASTHI, Injection of herbal oils, extracts etc through the rectum daily for 1 to 7 days or more depending on how acute the problem is for relief in numbness, gastric complaints and constant constipation etc.

We are specialized in the treatment of Arthritis, backache knee joint problems and Psoriasis.


Most important aspect of cooking is to make sure that food is healthy, nutritious, and hygienic. Good food and hygiene are essential for a healthy life and the food prepared inside the premises is prepared with special care. “The safe food, the healthy life” motto is always followed by the village chefs, therefore precautionary apparatus are used to prevent any type of food contamination or weathering. Renewal of kitchen utensils after definite period of time is prioritized to prevent any malady expansion. Hence, the village is the finest place to relish Ayurvedic sumptuous meal. This healthy food at Kairali is the best way to promote healthy lifestyle for everyone.


Our digestive system uses the food to produce Ojas- a substance that cultivates the mind and body, hence maintaining the required balance of the entire system and attaining the state of bliss. Weak digestive fire leads to incomplete digestion and formation of toxins—ama. Ama creates blockage, snatching away the bliss, not letting the oxygen flow and settling in areas of the body that are out of balance, taking on many forms, such as calcium deposits in the joints, plaque in the arteries, and cysts and tumors. A coated tongue, bad breath, dullness of the senses, depression, and unclear thinking can indicate the presence of ama.

A simple way to make sure that you are getting a balanced diet is to include the six Ayurvedic tastes (sweet, salty, sour, pungent, bitter, and astringent) in each meal. Doing so will ensure that all major food groups and nutrients are represented and you will feel satisfied and the urge to snack and over eat will diminish.


Yoga alleviates mental stress and encourages relaxation and inner peace. Furthermore, yoga can also be therapeutic – both as a remedy and as a prophylactic. In the Ayurvedic teachings, yoga and meditation are an essential part of any programme of treatment to establish a balance between the Doshas. In all but a few cases, yoga and meditation practice are integral parts of the daily schedule.

Package Inclusions

  1. All our Packages include the cost of all consultation
  2. Two Ayurveda treatments per day, Oils, herbs, , meditation and clothes we provide on arrival or massages
  3. Accommodation in Vaidyasala cottages ( Photos attached)
  4. All Meals ( Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner ) Ayurveda diet food
  5. Daily Yoga session ( Morning )
  6. One Sunset Cruise during the stay free through the villages
  7. Free Wi Fi
  8. All Taxes included.

The other complimentary Facilities Provided

  • We have a separate swimming pool, well maintained kitchen and Restaurants for only Ayurveda Guests.
  • Free use of Gymnasium, Library, Indoor & Outdoor Games.
  • Coffee and Tea maker provided in the room with supplies.
  • Free herbal water in Room