Ayurvedic Yoga & Spa

Ayurveda is the science of health and healing. It deals about total creation with special emphasis on the biology of life. The chief objects laid down before this science are the preservation of health and prevention of disease. Ayurveda follows a comprehensive holistic approach considering life as three dimensional bio-unit of ‘Threedoshas’ vata, pitta, kapha which regulates the normal functioning of human body.

Ayurveda therapies have a vital role in the healing of ailments along with medicine. Our Ayurvedic practitioners had developed therapies that have an edge and stand apart in the crowd. In Ayurvedhic Packages you can enjoy the best of Panchakarma treatment at resonable rates with an assured care and post treatment.

We offers traditional practice of Ayurveda in original form of ayurvedic procedures enhance restore and renew ones health through cleaning(sodhana), palliation(samana), rejuvenation(rasayana) and mental hygiene(satvavajaya).


 ABHYANGAM (Massage) 

This oil massage treatment aims on getting a positive impact to maintain the bio-equilibrium of body, helps to prevent the hazards of aging , helps to decrease fatigue, has preventive and curative effect on neurological disorders. This massage is carried out for 45 min every day and continues upto 14 days.

 SWEDANAM (Steam bath) 

This process relieves stiffness, heaviness, coldness and induce sweating. It promotes perspiration, eliminates metabolic wastes, accelerates vasodilatation thereby increase peripheral circulation, promotes functional ability of nerves, improves joint mobility.


This treatment includes application of herbal juices and medicated oil through nose for a period of 1 – 7 days. It is highly effective in certain kinds of headaches, paralysis, mental diseases, neurological diseases, premature- greying of hairs, clarity of voice etc.

 ELAKIZHI (Patrapotalisweda) 

It is a type of sudation therapy where heat, pressure and oil are applied simultaneously with specific herbal leaves in bolus form . This therapy stimulate neuromuscular system, act as pain reliever, cures hemiplegia, frozen shoulder, rheumatoid arthritis, lumbago, paresthesia etc.


This is a type of sudation by induction of perspiration by pouring warm medicated oil /decoction/ milk /ghee/ other liquid on head/ diseased part/ whole body in a particular manner for 45min. It can be done as a rejuvenative therapy. It is good for insanity, insomnia, neurological & skin diseases.


This is a type of oleated sudation in which the warm medicated oil is poured all over the body/ specific part in a specified manner and do gentle massage for a stipulated period When moderate to high pressure massage is done it is called ‘ UZHICHIL’ it is good for Neuro-Muscular disorders, rheumatological problems, chronic inflammatory disease with degeneration etc.


A procedure in which the medicated oil is allowed to stay over the head for prescribed time. It cures neurological & psychological diseases. It provides strength to sensory organs, relieves anxiety etc.


A procedure in which warm oil is retained at katipradesha/ lumbosacral region within a specific formed frame for a prescribed time. It is good for degenerative disease of spine, traumatic paraplegia etc.


It is done with the boluses of various curnas. It cures acute phases of rheumatic fever, sciatica, neuromuscular diseases etc. It can redistribute deposited fat in subcutaneous facia& stimulate burning process of fat. It stimulates muscles and nerve ending thereby relieves the pain.


It is done with the boluses of egg yolk mainly. It is very good for osteoporosis, spinal myelopathy, traumatic condition. It is very effective in facial paralysis and hemiplegia.


Special herbal powders are applied on body during massage for 45 to 60 minutes. It is useful in curing obesity, hemiplegia, paralysis, rheumatic ailments.


This is a type of sudation which leads to tissue nourishment & rejuvenation. It is good for neurological disorders, muscular wasting, arthritis, paralysis etc.


Application of paste of medicine on vertex/head followed by bandaging for a specific period. It gives best result in pediatric diseases. It is an effective therapy for anxiety, psychological diseases, hypertension, premature greying, diabetic retinopathy etc.


Chronic eye diseases as well as ordinary ailments, having effective treatment in ayurveda. It employees several treatment processes such as kashayadharatarpana, nasya, shastikasweda, netradhara, putapaka, anjanam, purampada, sirodhara, sirovasthi etc. Some of the eye diseases manageable are progressive short sight in children, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, corneal ulcers, night blindness, dry eyes, blepharospasm, amblyopia in young age etc.


We are providing excellent treatment for women health problems especially PCOD, menopausal disturbance, myalgia, dysmennhorea, infertility, obesity etc. Special panchakarma treatment and medicaments for delivered mother. Special ayurvedic face pack and face massage to improve skin luster, pimple treatment, butterfly rashes etc.


The objective of medicine is to address people's unavoidable needs for emotional and physical healing. Increased use of yogic techniques has made it imperative that these should be included in ayurvedic practice. There has been progress in this direction in recent years, with a steady increase in the number of doctors who include yoga therapies in their practice. This integrative approach of incorporating yoga with ayurvedic practice make your body & soul releave stress & strains.